Fabia LED Tape Light


The most vivid performing LED tape light on the market with high color rendering technology eliminating blue light, while creating food as it was intended to be seen, vivid in colors.

Each roll consists of 10' of LED tape, consisting of 10 x 12" sections, with every 12" section featuring unique plug and play connection points that is expandable to 30'

  • Light nutrition infused.
  • High center beam candle output.
  • High colour rendering with OVID anti blue light technology.
  • 3 year OVID PLUS guarantee.
  • 24V system
  • Warm 3000K & Cool 4000K Color Temp Available.
  • Available in dim and non dim when paired with corresponding drivers.
  • 104 lumens per foot, creating low heat, long running.
  • 90 CRI Industry leading with 70 R9 (red) light infused.
  • 1.3W per 12" Section
  • Engineered to create vivid colors while blocking blue light, providing better color rendering on fruits and meats, using a high infusion of red (r9) in the colour spectrum.
  • Beam angle of 120 degrees
  • Expandable up to 30'
  • 40W driver allows up to 30' of LED tape
  • 96W driver allows parallel runs of 30' LED tape runs.
  • Splice Kit connects tape to low voltage cable, for long runs, or breaks in cabinets such as stove and fridge spaces.
  • Available aluminum housing features unique heat dissipation and further diffusion of LED glare.
  • Dimmer any ELV reverse phase dimmer  
  • Packaged in ZERO plastic waste, leaving a sustainable footprint.
  • Ovid uses suppliers that conduct reasonable due diligence checking with metal suppliers to assure that the materials are not conflict metals (including gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt (Co), palladium (Pd) and tin (Sn) from the democratic republic of congo (DRC)



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