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High Color Rendering is standard in every Ovid product. While CRI accounts for up to 8 (R8) pallets of color, we test and add R9 (red) a color not found in LED lighting. Fruits and meats become vibrant in color. Clothing with blues and blacks become easy to differentiate. High red’s provide a true natural color of light and even vivid white.  All while blocking out blue light in the process.

Red r9 guarantee

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The Blue Light Affect.  A new area of research when it comes to it's affects on health, as electronics such as LED lighting, emit harmful blue light, which has increased exponentially over the years.  Recently it was discovered that blue light suppresses the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin. Over time, this may result in depression.     ​Transparency of red value, as you may be aware, blue light is the primary wavelength in LED diodes. There is new research, that show blue LEDs lower melatonin levels, which can weaken a person’s immune system. The Ovid High Color Rendering process consist of High 90+ CRI and we infuse each LED diode with high red (R9), suppresses the blue emissions and replacing them with natural reds for a healthier light and environment, one of the main reasons moms love us!

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Our light-emitting diode (LED) are sourced from independent local suppliers that conduct reasonable due diligence, assuring materials are not conflict metals. Our color science and research facility was established with the cooperation of color experts who have excelled in the understanding of light and color in harmony, while
following California title 24 standards.  Our high color rendering process transforms the traditional LED methods and neutralizes the harmful blue light effects. Using new methods, Ovid Lighting infuses the diodes with high R9 (reds) allowing the diodes to achieve near perfect color, healthier lighting, creating a natural environment.  Its the start of a new chapter for LED. One that is defined by health, color, innovation and social responsibility. Ovid Lighting just looks and feels better.  Let us know if you agree.

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Soft Glow inspired by human centric lighting.  Create the perfect lighting conditions in any environment.  From studying and learning in the classroom, to focus in the office and lastly relaxation at home.   Lighting is no longer stagnant, rather evolved with Soft Glow, allowing light to be tailored to suit the task or time of the day. Sulmo Warm offers the best in relaxation and day to day tasks around the home. Sulmo Warm comes in a 3000K and dims down to a healthy and relaxing 2200K.  Sulmo Cool offers focus and energy perfect for office or school environments.  From a bright and productive 4000K to the ability to dim, calming a room with 3000K light levels, all housed in one light. 

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CRI vs r9

60% of us do not know that electronics such as LED, emit harmful blue-light.​Consistent exposure to blue-light has now been linked to long term vision issues such as cataracts, to new studies about its effect on the human melatonin levels, the hormone that regulates relaxation and sleep. Blue light prevents the production of this vital hormone, melatonin.  Further long term exposure to low quality LED lights can cause harm to the retina of the human eye.  The R9 value and Ovid high color rendering process removes the blue light associated with LED and adds natural healthy light in open spaces. ​


R1-R8 (CRI measurement)

R9-R12 (Reds) – not measured in CRI

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